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The Science Behind It

Energetic medicine is based on the theory of BIOPHOTONS. There is an intricate web of cells that comprise the human energy field which transmits and receives energy across the electromagnetic spectrum. Biophotons are coherent, directional, monochromatic, and organized light which originate from the DNA of cells. Biophotons activate and direct our physiological processes at the speed of light. Biophotons are similar to a laser beam in this way.A laser amplifies light. It requires an energy source, an amplifying medium and a pair of mirrors where one is fully reflective and the other is partially reflective.


L.A.S.E.R. stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A population inversion in the contained medium provides a reservoir of highly charged atoms and photons to sustain laser emission. A laser has the unique property of coherence. The light beam is both directional and in phase. Laser light is also monochromatic and emits pure light at a specific wavelength. Wavelengths are measured in nanometers and concentrate greater power in smaller wavelengths. The power density of a laser beam is inversely proportional to its spot size. Therapeutic lasers utilize non-ionizing radiation. A laser is a device which produces electromagnetic radiation in the light band. Application of low levels of electromagnetic energy influences cellular physiology. When a photon is delivered, energy is absorbed and it changes to heat oscillations. Low level visible red helium neon lasers with high energy density of laser light provide electromagnetic radiation. This is a form of energy FLUX which can be understood in two ways... a) partially as a wave, b) partially as a flow of particles. Absorbed energy may get new forms of heat oscillations. Light is a wave like motion where the photon oscillations take place in polarizing plane.  Skin is permeable at the optical window. The laser light causes photobiostimulation at astounding depths of penetration.


The dosage is critical for effective results. After diagnosis of the patient, the practitioner must determine the correct dosage by considering the following variables: Wavelength (constant or pulse), milliwatts, seconds and frequency. The certified laser therapist will detect and locate hot points with an electro dermal measurement device and prescribe treatment intervals.


Laser auriculotherapy targets acupoints in the ear and meridian points in the body. The ear acts as a reflex point. Quit Smoking Laser therapy focuses on the use of the ear as a localized reflex technique that modulates the central nervous system and endocrine ans. Laser therapy derives it's explanations for effectiveness from both Western neurology and traditional oriental medicine. Western Neurological studies have observed that the ear provides access to the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. It has been effective in creating relaxation of many physiological systems, which can reduce pain, stress and cravings. Lasers are an ideal modality to safely stimulate these points to aid those suffering from addiction.



Endorphins ("endogenous morphine") are endogenous opioid

peptides that function as inhibitory neurotransmitters. They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise, excitement, pain, spicy food consumption, love, and sexual activity, and they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being.

Laser therapy is a proven way to stimulate endorphin production naturally. The laser beam is applied to various points of the human body. Infrared light is absorbed by light receptors in the cells. The energy is then converted to biochemical energy and dispersed gradually over the next 6-8 week.


The points that are chosen correspond with nerve endings that will trigger endorphin release, activate the sympathetic nervous response (relaxation response) and help to cleanse the body.

stop smoking laser therapy

Low-level laser has been deemed by the FDA as a non-significant risk device. It is a bio-stimulation laser not a surgical laser. Low-level Laser Therapy is completely painless. In fact, most people describe an extremely relaxed feeling after being treated.



click below to download a double blind smoking cessation cold laser study from the Journal Of Chinese Medicine.

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