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Frequently Asked Questions
How many treatments do you need?
For most people only one treatment is needed. However, we do offer booster treatments within the first 2 months.
How long does the treatment take and when do you start feeling it?
The treatment takes about 30 minutes and most feel the effects of the laser immediately. You should expect to be at the office for a total of about 60 minutes to complete paperwork.
How long does the feeling of not needing a cigarette last after the treatment?
For most people, the physical cravings are gone for good. You will still have the mental habits to break, but we give you some great tips on how to break those habits as well.
How much does the quit smoking program cost?
Please call or text for current pricing. 347-815-4116 
If I have a medical condition, can I still be treated?
If you are pregnant, under going radiation therapy or have experienced seizures, we regret that we are not able to treat you at this time. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact your doctor before being treated.
I have never heard of this treatment, who else does this?
This type of procedure has been available in Europe and Canada for over 20 years. Clinics in the U.S. have opened up in almost every state since 1995.
Is the Laser Safe?
Low Level Laser Light Therapy works by stimulating a cell’s natural metabolism. The effects are biochemical, not thermal & therefore cannot damage living cells (Karu, 1998, 1999, 2002). Low level lasers have been ruled a “Non-Significant Risk” devices by the FDA, are non-invasive and drug free.
Is It Guaranteed?
Low Level Laser Therapy may help individuals cope with symptoms associated with quitting smoking. The low-level laser does not take away your psychological addiction to nicotine. Each individual has a unique level to his or her addiction, so laser therapy cannot be guaranteed. We will work closely with each individual to support you in your goals to quit smoking. 
Is The Treatment  Covered by Medical Insurance?
The laser treatment is not covered by medical insurance at the present time. However, the cost of the treatment is approximately equal to the amount of money an average smoker spends on cigarettes monthly. Do the calculations yourself.
What about weight gain?
When a smoker gives up nicotine their metabolism will start to slow down as their body withdraws from nicotine. During the stop smoking treatment our technician will apply the laser to certain points on your body to help suppress your appetite. You should not gain weight while your metabolism is returning to its natural state, which lasts for approximately two weeks.
Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my successful treatment?
1. Make up your mind that you are ready to quit.
2. Do not drink alcohol one day prior to your treatment.
3. Do not smoke cigarette one hour before your treatment.
4. Remove all items related to smoking from your home, car, and work place.

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