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Our Clients:

"After several tries with Hypnosis my doctor recommended Laser Therapy to stop smoking. I have a condition and can't use the Patch or Chantix. The treatment was painless and I only needed one session. I have been smoke free for over a year!"


Samantha J. -Forest Hills, NY




My friend recommended City Laser Lab to me. I really didn't believe that the laser treatment would help me. I visited the Forest Hills office in March 2014 and had the treatment,  and I haven't felt like smoking since. It is Amazing!

I would recommend to anyone who wants to stop smoking to quit this way.


David K. -Queens NY




It must have been divine intervention  that my daughter stumbled upon the City Laser Lab website. This has literally changed my life. She read  the information and forwarded the link to me. I made an appointment for Saturday  to try the Low Level Laser Therapy method to quit smoking. It worked and I will recommend it to everyone!


Marcin J. -Greenpoint NY





I have been smoking for 43 years. My husband brought home a flyer for City Laser Lab quit smoking laser treatment and I was very sceptical. No other methods have worked for me in the past. I have never heard of laser therapy to quit smoking but the office was located in Queens not far from me so I said what do I have to lose? I gave it a try. It has been 6 months now and I am completely smoke free. It is incredible how well the laser works for quitting cigarettes. I am convinced laser is the best method to quit smoking available today, and this is coming from a skeptic. 

I thank my husband for bringing home that flyer and I have recomended several people to City Laser Lab.



Caroline -Bayside NY

Our patient JOSEPH

Our patient FAYZA

Our patient Krystyna ( Polish - Po Polsku)

Our patient FABian 

Our patient FABian (Video en Espanol)

Our patient Al testimonial



1 pack per day $12.75


Cost per week $ 89.25


Cost per month $ 382.50


Cost per year $ 4,653.75

If you smoke 5 more years   $23,268.75

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